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Boost Your Low Libido

Low Libido is one of the most common complaints I hear in my clinic.

What does low libido mean?

Lack of desire
Issues with sensation
Unable to reach orgasm
Non-sexual but close relationship with your partner

The presence of sexual thoughts, fantasies, and an innate urge to experience sexual tension and release,

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Anxiety and Your Hormones

An anxious person? It’s not always about you.

You are overreacting!
You are too sensitive!
Your personality!

Often our hormones and biochemical processes in the body dictate how we react to situations.

I often have clients say to me “It’s me I can’t change.”

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6 Ways to Boost Your Love Hormone

How to Boost Your Love Hormone

Love is not only about how you feel towards your nearest and dearest. Love signifies your connection to our planet, the universe. And all living things around and beyond you.

Oxytocin is a hormone which helps to create this love and connection.

Oxytocin is a potent hormone.

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Burnout! It can happen to anyone!

Feeling overwhelmed and burnt out?

I don’t often show it. In fact, I can hide much of what I am experiencing in the moment. I put on the so called ‘brave face’ it’s something I have been good at for a long time. I am the one who can be so ill vomiting from a bug and you’d never pick it.

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4 Reasons Binge Snacking Wreaks Havoc on your Metabolism

Snacking speeds up your metabolism! Some people say….

It seems like snacking was the way to eat for a long time. Yet snacking is not the best strategy for a healthy metabolism, particularly binge snacking. Ultimately humans who live a life of relaxed bliss. Including daily yoga, hours of Zen meditation, no stress to their thyroid or adrenals,

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Orgasms and Chocolate

It’s fact, the less you orgasm the more chocolate you eat!!!

Well maybe not fact, but I do see a common pattern with my clients. They have low libido, less frequent sexual enjoyment which leads to eating more chocolate.

When it comes to your health and wellbeing, it’s not always just about food or exercise – those are important parts of the jigsaw,

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20 Ways to Balance Estrogen

What do you think of when you hear the words “elevated estrogen”? Most people might think of painful heavy periods or an hourglass body shape, or even larger breasts, but the truth is elevated estrogen is a whole other ballgame which can really impact your life.

What is your body trying to tell you?

ody sings are often overlooked and ignored, but are highly important indicators of your health, wellbeing and your toxic burden. If you pick up on these signs early it can save a lot of time, trouble and money.

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10 Steps to Healthy Happy Hormones

Low sex drive, seesaw moods, stubborn weight gain, bloating & flatulence, constipation, reflux; hair loss and premature ageing are just some of the symptoms of not having harmonious hormonal functions.